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Manufacturing subsidiary of Syneco Systems, Inc. Inflow Protectors and Odor Control Products

FRW Industries produces odor control equipment along with biological and chemical products and inflow protectors. Our products are used to control odors generated in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, collection systems, ponds and lagoons. For more information on our products, click on the product links below which will take you to our Syneco Systems, Inc. website.

dry air scrubber

Peacemaker Converting Dry Air Scrubbers

Are used as a single vessel, two vessels in series or two vessels in parallel. The scrubbers provide two stages of media for the control of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and other odors generated in wastewater collection systems manholes and lift stations along with controlling various point source odors present in wastewater treatment plants. Our scrubbers are maintenance free, effective, economic and require no chemical addition.

Coverting/Polishing Media


Converting/Polishing media is impregnated with a patented polymeric amine and is used in high H2S conditions. Oxidizing/Polishing media is impregnated with Chlorine Dioxide and is used in low H2S conditions. Disposal is not an issue when the media is changed out as recommended by the manufacturer.

Odor Control Manhole Cover

PEACEMAKER® Odor Control Manhole Scrubbers

Provide control of H2S and other odors while allowing generous venting through PERSNICKITY® H2S converting or oxidizing media. Our ABS plastic inserts are effective, economic, easily installed by one person and require no maintenance.

vent filters

PEACEMAKER® Odor Control Vent Scrubbers

Nearly all vent stacks suffer from odor problems, whether they are homes, small lift stations, or commercial buildings. The problem has been mostly ignored or ineffectively treated with activated carbon filters. PERSNICKETY® H2S Media oxidizes H2S offering increased media life. The filters are very economic as they are refillable and do not require replacement.

peacemaker inflow protector

PEACEMAKER® Inflow Protector Inserts

With municipal sewage treatment costs rising, one of the ways many cities are cutting their sewer costs is to eliminate rainwater from the sanitary sewer system by using our patented Inflow Protector™ Manhole Inserts. These inserts are made from ABS plastic and are easily installed by one person.

Odor Control Chemicals

PERSNICKETY® Brand Chemicals

We offer two very effective odor control chemicals: Odor countervailants and odor neutralizers. Our chemicals can be used in wet scrubbers, ponds, sludges and as a topical spray.

Hydrogen Sulfide In Collection Systems


For Control of Hydrogen Sulfide In Collection Systems, Tanks, Ponds and Lagoons